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Il Divo's Pop Revolution

WITH ONE VOICE. The group promises a concert with many Spanish songs. SPECIAL

Encounter of great voices
The quartet of tenors comes back to la Perla Tapatía with a new album and show under the arm.

GUADALAJARA, JALISCO (26/JUN/2012).- The wager of being different in the musical field, is a difficult one for a sound concept to take on. If things go right, the group finds appreciation and a unique spot in the hearts of its followers, thanks to their sound, their personality and the quality with which they bring their work to the table. On the other hand, if things take a turn for the worst, they very often end up forgotten in an industry that has no room for the weak. Il Divo played the bet of being different from the start. They took the risk. And ended up winning the game.

The group comes to Guadalajara on the 4th of July, a visit much anticipated by their fans who have gotten to know them since 2004. Critics back then labeled them as a "popera" group, in spite of the fact that it is difficult to put them in the box of either one of these genres.

No daring choreographies on stages, no throwing kisses to fans like more traditional pop bands. But their show is also not as serious and ceremonial as opera concerts tend to be. They simply try to be "true to themselves", assures Swiss Urs Buhler, member of the group. "Music in no matter which genre simply finds the best way to the ear of the public”.

The group of tenors, a true Tower of Babel, also comprises French Sébastien Izambard, German Carlos Marín and American David Miller. "On the stage we get along quit well," Buhler says during a telephone interview with this paper. Il Divo will come to the VFG Arena with a new show, where the "Latin spirit" that we have familiarised ourselves with over the last few years, will dominate.".

Absolute preparation

Travel the world. See millions of people per year. Receive the audience's warm applause. Mingle among celebrities. The life of a singer sounds like paradise. But it's not. "It's more exhausting than most people imagine", explains Urs Buhler, shattering all the glamorous ideas people dream up about his artistic profession. "We've had such an enormous load of work in so many different countries across the world, but coming to Mexico is really very motivating for us".

A long way away from the image of rock and pop singers (associated with excessive "partying"), Urs assures that he is "a normal guy with a dream job. I do nothing out of the ordinary, I love going out for walks, getting to know the places I visit, taking care of my voice," says the Swiss, who confirms they will have a lot of surprises when they arrive.

"It's a completely new show we bring to Guadalajara, a much more dynamic and spectacular show, and one for which we create entirely new scenery", confirms the singer, adding that the corner stone of this concert will be their most recent album, Wicked Game, with songs like Te amaré, Llorando, No llores por mi Argentina and Te prometo.

"We know that some like to hear our classic songs, and there will also be room for those during the concert. Everyone will have fun", says Urs, who says he remembers very clearly the group's last visit in 2009. "The best thing would be for the show to make the fans happy."


Because Il Divo is a group comprising different languages, their concert will always showcase songs from different cultures, though Buhler admits that for Guadalajara, they are preparing a very special concert. "We know Latin-Americans like songs to have more of an "energetic" feel to them, so they can identify with what their listening to. So in Mexico, and especially in Guadalajara, we will sing as many songs in Spanish as we can."

Different from other artists who visit the country, who get out of the plane, do their show and leave immediately after, Urs admits that the quartet have a very genuine interest to get to know the people and the places in the countries they visit. "And Mexico's case is very special, because there is always much to learn and to see. Especially things outside of the regular tourist trails".

"We have been to the country on a couple of occasions and they have always been memorable," explains the singer, who is impressed by the cultural richness of Mexico. "I remember we visited the capital and we could go and visit those wonderful pyramids (of Teotihuacán). We were also in Campeche, there's an archeological site there. The house of Frida Khalo is one of the most beautiful things I've seen in the Federal District. The musea. People living here are very fortunate."

Urs adds that "I believe that Mexico is a country where artists from other countries can learn a lot about its culture. That's why it's always special for Il Divo to come back."


"Music is able to branch out to an infinite number of meanings and convert into something transcendent for people, no matter which language they speak"
Urs BUhler, tenor in Il Divo

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